The Surgery

Some people are quite fascinated with the actual surgery and the specifics behind the various procedures. Not wanting to disappoint anyone, I have detailed below the medical jargon and descriptions where my surgery is concerned. I would say enjoy but that doesn't sound right does it . . .

Proposed Surgical Procedures
The main surgical procedures that I will undergo are listed below.

  • Bilateral Sagittal Osteotomy of the Mandible
  • Maxillary LeFort I Osteotomy  

Generic Explanation
The surgery will essentially move my lower jaw forward and my upper jaw will be spread apart and then aligned with my newly positioned lower jaw.

Below is a clip demonstrating essentially what the surgeon entails although in my case the lower jaw will be moved forward.

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  • Bilateral Sagittal Osteotomy of the Mandible
The back of the lower jaw is split bilaterally under general anaesthetic in the region of the wisdom teeth. The procedure is carried out in about 1.5 hours and permits the lower jaw to be advanced or pushed back with adequate bone contact for healing.

The bone is fixed in its new position by screws which are inserted through tiny external skin incisions which are located at the angle of the jaw. These heal with minimal external scarring.

Mandibular Sagittal Split Osteotomy
and Genioplasty (Chin Surgery)

The mandible has been pushed backwards and surgery has been carried out to the chin (Genioplasty)Sensory Nerves to the lower lip pass through the jaw and are coloured blue

Some adjustment to the position of the dental occlusion (bite) is not uncommon following surgery. This is achieved by joining the upper and lower jaws together with elastic band traction for a week or two.

The sensory nerves to the lower lip are coloured blue.
Screw fixation is demonstrated on one side. Screws are placed above and below the nerve

  • Maxillary LeFort I Osteotomy
Surgery to the maxilla is carried out at three levels named after a French Surgeon René Le Fort.

Le Fort I Osteotomy Sensory nerves to the upper lip and cheeks are coloured blue

The Le Fort I osteotomy involves separating the maxilla and the palate from the skull above the roots of the upper teeth through an incision inside the upper lip. The maxilla is fixed in its new position with titanium screws and plates. Surgery time is around three hours. The operation is frequently carried out with the mandibular Sagittal split osteotomy when it is termed a Bimaxillary Osteotomy.

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