March 2012

Day -33: Orthodontist Visit

Penultimate appointment with my Orthodontist today prior to surgery next month - the next visit he will put on the surgical hooks where the surgeon will attach the bands and whatever else he does with them.

The visit today confirmed that I am 'ready to go' where surgery is concerned which is a relief because we had already delayed surgery once before as my teeth apparently hadn't moved far enough along to a place that surgery would be effective. So, my Orthodontist (fantastic guy, highly recommend him!) simply put on new bands and that was that. He did tell me that I will need to have new brackets/wings after my surgery as apparently they (the hooks on the brackets) are more susceptible to breaking on the clear look braces that I have.

Wearing braces is second nature to me now and I really do not even notice them to be honest. I thought when I first had them they would be a pain (figuratively and literally) not to mention the fact that I would be self conscious about them but they really have not bothered me much.

So, I have my Orthodontist appointment in four weeks as well as my pre-surgery appointment with my surgeon who will take final measurements, molds, etc, and then surgery here I come!

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Day -35: Food Bucket List ...

I recognise that after surgery my eating habits are, to say the least, going to change for a while.

Whether it be eating via a syringe, drinking ensure until I am sick of the sight and taste of it, chewing a tiny piece of food for 30 minutes when it used to take 30 seconds, or quite honestly having the psychological courage to believe that blending my favourite foods in to liquid form is going to prove palatable (I have SERIOUS reservations where this is concerned)

I decided to engage in these last 35 days on a Bucket List of food. I therefore created a list of my favourite foods and we are going to try and find the time to make a few of them prior to the surgery. Of course some of the foods may be consumed at a restaurant but you get the idea! Don't worry though, everything in moderation and all that - I will not put any weight on!

Today was a simple dish, Lasagna with garlic bread. Yummy. The thought of blending and drinking it through a straw / syringe scores an absolute zero on the appetizing level. Gross.

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Day -38: The Psychology of Blog Research

So my first post - essentially continuing from where the about section ended.

Five weeks and a few days to go. Somedays it seem like an age away and other days it seem like the time for surgery will be here tomorrow. I think I am addicted to finding, and reading, every blog that exists in the blogosphere where double jaw surgery is concerned. Not good. At all.

Don't ask my why I do this as quite honestly they cause me to have (unfounded) anxiety although quite a few have proven to be rather informative and educational. It seems I have an almost pathological desire to understand everything about this surgery and the resulting recovery process.

Granted I am a detail oriented person but why do we insist on reading / researching online when we know, in the majority of cases, that the information is not helpful for our mental well being! Everybody tells me not to 'google' medical stuff but like I said, I need to know . . .
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