Day -33: Orthodontist Visit

Penultimate appointment with my Orthodontist today prior to surgery next month - the next visit he will put on the surgical hooks where the surgeon will attach the bands and whatever else he does with them.

The visit today confirmed that I am 'ready to go' where surgery is concerned which is a relief because we had already delayed surgery once before as my teeth apparently hadn't moved far enough along to a place that surgery would be effective. So, my Orthodontist (fantastic guy, highly recommend him!) simply put on new bands and that was that. He did tell me that I will need to have new brackets/wings after my surgery as apparently they (the hooks on the brackets) are more susceptible to breaking on the clear look braces that I have.

Wearing braces is second nature to me now and I really do not even notice them to be honest. I thought when I first had them they would be a pain (figuratively and literally) not to mention the fact that I would be self conscious about them but they really have not bothered me much.

So, I have my Orthodontist appointment in four weeks as well as my pre-surgery appointment with my surgeon who will take final measurements, molds, etc, and then surgery here I come!

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