Day -38: The Psychology of Blog Research

So my first post - essentially continuing from where the about section ended.

Five weeks and a few days to go. Somedays it seem like an age away and other days it seem like the time for surgery will be here tomorrow. I think I am addicted to finding, and reading, every blog that exists in the blogosphere where double jaw surgery is concerned. Not good. At all.

Don't ask my why I do this as quite honestly they cause me to have (unfounded) anxiety although quite a few have proven to be rather informative and educational. It seems I have an almost pathological desire to understand everything about this surgery and the resulting recovery process.

Granted I am a detail oriented person but why do we insist on reading / researching online when we know, in the majority of cases, that the information is not helpful for our mental well being! Everybody tells me not to 'google' medical stuff but like I said, I need to know . . .

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