Day -35: Food Bucket List ...

I recognise that after surgery my eating habits are, to say the least, going to change for a while.

Whether it be eating via a syringe, drinking ensure until I am sick of the sight and taste of it, chewing a tiny piece of food for 30 minutes when it used to take 30 seconds, or quite honestly having the psychological courage to believe that blending my favourite foods in to liquid form is going to prove palatable (I have SERIOUS reservations where this is concerned)

I decided to engage in these last 35 days on a Bucket List of food. I therefore created a list of my favourite foods and we are going to try and find the time to make a few of them prior to the surgery. Of course some of the foods may be consumed at a restaurant but you get the idea! Don't worry though, everything in moderation and all that - I will not put any weight on!

Today was a simple dish, Lasagna with garlic bread. Yummy. The thought of blending and drinking it through a straw / syringe scores an absolute zero on the appetizing level. Gross.

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