Day -6: Pre-Op Visit

So, I had the pre-op appointment today to get the final measurements and molds made before my surgery on Monday. It is fair to say that I am getting a tad nervous (anxious?) about the surgery even though I have known about the date for months, even though I swear I have read every blog and article about this type of surgery and the post-op process, and even though my surgeon answered all 22 questions that I still had after reading everything!

I think life must be easier for those folks that simply go with the flow and don't have the need to understand everything and think about every angle before moving forward with something . . .

The visit went great; the surgeon took the molds (cherry flavour really does not taste like cherry), measured every angle of my face and mouth you could think of (18mm overjet) and then took photographs for what I presume will be 'before' pictures.

He then discussed the whole surgical process and what he expects in terms of the post-op process. I wonder if all oral surgeons are as excited and love their profession as much as my surgeon? He genuinely likes to break jaws :)

It seems as if there are a lot of unknowns and it is question of wait-and-see (splint, swelling, bleeding, etc) so let's hope it will all be positive!

Well, tomorrow my Orthodontist will attach the surgical hooks to my braces - sounds lovely!

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