Day 5: Part II - Support System

Flowers from work colleagues
Let me just say how great it is to have support from those around me! I have received many emails of support and they are great to receive as it keeps me busy replying (as does indeed this blog) and I appreciate the comments and questions that are asked, thanks - keep them coming!

Thanks also to those that have sent treats whether they be visual (flowers from work colleagues and my surgeon, get-well cards) or nutritional, they are very much appreciated. Thank-you.

Another treat is to have people visit and although I am not a great communicator presently, the visits are fantastic to have as honestly they are a great distraction. I had a couple of great friends visit (they even bought tasty drinks and applesauce - yummy) today and although I try and talk normally you can see it is a stretch for people to understand me.

It is interesting to see the reactions of people when they see you for the first time since surgery; some people are completely fine, some people kinda' avert their eyes for not wanting to be thought of as staring (it is OK to scare, I find myself staring at myself in the mirror a heck of a lot!) and some people I can tell find it a tad uncomfortable. That is OK too, my kids are having an interesting time readjusting to how Daddy presently looks. Give it a few week and 70-80% of the swelling will be gone and you will just look at me and think I have a chipmunk face!

Thanks everyone for coming around, it means more than you realise. Truthfully.

You can see additional photographs under the ‘Photo Journal’ section above

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