Day 12: X-Rays and being Stubborn Part II

The issue of stubbornness came into play where food is concerned. For dinner I decided to eat a blended mixture of pasta, sauce, etc. The issue is that the food didn't have much liquid in it and as a result the blended mixture had the consistency of quicksand. Tried slurping it but I had to immediately drink something before I suffocated! :)

I tried to fix it (here is why I am stubborn because my very supportive wife wanted to do it for me but I was determined to do it) but to no avail. It was not edible, at least by me. So, this had taken up valuable minutes of my 60  minute allotment and I was now against the clock to actually get something made and eaten otherwise I would be syringing the food and I really, really hope that those days are over. So I was kinda getting impatient. Allegedly.

I then decide to go with my trusted mac & cheese (which I also had for lunch please note) as I knew I would be able to eat it (not an experiment therefore) in the remaining time allowed. The problem was that one of my children wanted to make it for me (a self confessed mac and cheese aficionado) but given that I need to have it made with more water than is typical so I can get it in my mouth, it ended up, well, a bit waterlogged. Tasty, but waterlogged. A very nice gesture certainly.

However the 60 minute clock timer was ticking and now it was essentially eat the mac and cheese or revert to the syringe. My wife once again wanted to come to the rescue but it was all under control, I had it under control; I ate the mac and cheese and called it good. I don't think I was being stubborn.

Eating is definitely becoming easier though in terms of getting it in to my mouth. I wonder if I have to learn to eat, or at least chew, again given this operation as it certainly is not natural presently. I still drool and miss my mouth and combine this with the slurping I am sure my family is glad to have me at the dinner table!

The next (and allegedly last) stubborn act involved my third, and last, 60 minute meal window (I had not eaten breakfast). Whilst at the store I had purchased some soft scoop ice cream as it sounded really, really, good to me. The issue was that it needed to stay soft so I could get it into the  microscopic hole that presently represents my mouth opening. So, I put it in the fridge. In the door of the fridge to be precise. Bad idea on my part, I 100% admit it as when the door of fridge was opened, the ice-cream spilled. Argh!

I quickly move the ice-cream to the freezer for a few minutes but then get distracted. Fast forward an hour or two and my ice-cream is now no longer soft scoop, Definitely too hard to get in my mouth. I try to remedy the situation (sensing a pattern here aren't you and it involves me trying to resolve things) by putting some of the ice-cream in the microwave. Didn't turn out too well. At all actually. My wife then asks if she can help but I have it under control I tell her. Not so, and so she comes to the rescue (for the millionth time since my surgery!) and fixes the ice-cream so that it is a very delicious ice-cream soup!

So there you have it, the jury is out. Stubborn or not stubborn. Guilty or innocent? I already know the answer obviously . . .

Other news: The swelling is apparently slowly going down according to the surgeon. Numbness in cheeks, lips, and chin continue. I talk like I have issues.I am losing weight slowly but will no doubt put it all back on once I can eat normally. My hair has decided to no longer fall in to place as a result of the Jaw Bra that I have been wearing for the past 12 days and so my hair style resembles something from the 80s. My bruising simply makes me look like I was in a fight and most definitely lost. The road to recovery is never dull :)

Foods eaten today:

  1. Mac and cheese x 2

  2. Cup of a blended pasta dish 

You can see additional photographs under the ‘Photo Journal’ section above

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