Day -1: Eight hours to go!

So, just a few hours before my imminent doom! :) We have to be at the hospital in six or so hours. A couple of things wrong with this scenario; firstly, I have to set my alarm to wake me up in five hours and as I am completely not tired, it doesn't bode well for a good night's rest. Secondly, I am moderately anxious to say the least that my jaws will be broken into pieces and put back together by noon. Did I mention that I am anxious?

Given that I cannot eat, drink, etc., after midnight, I have more than made up for this inconvenience by eating what I believe to be a copious amount of food over the last few days. I mean, I like food (think 'cheese' and Wallace and Gromit and you get the idea) and to be honest, Carnation Instant Breakfast simply doesn't sound great as a meal, three days a week for however many days / weeks ahead. I kept telling myself as I looked in the pantry, "well, you are not going to get to eat this for quite some time so you may as well eat some of it now." A positive, strong, and convincing argument I am sure you will agree . . .

So here it is, after midnight, and I guess a new chapter in life is about to begin; eating food through a syringe, limited talking (will be very difficult for me!), and somewhat of a new face in terms of profile, alignment, etc. It is going to be great! :)

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