Day 18: Surgeon visit and how to talk properly . . .

Well, I visited my surgeon, Dr. Egbert, for another follow up visit today. I was hoping to have the splint removed and I blew it, it was all my fault! He asked me what he told me concerning the splint last week. I don't know what I was thinking, I told him that he told me it might come off this week but probably next week! What was I thinking?!? I had a momentary lapse of judgment what can I tell you; I could have the splint removed! :)

Dr. Egbert of course knew what he told me but ah, if only . . . So, the splint is scheduled to come out on Tuesday which, all things being equal, if not too bad - just another four or so days. After he takes it out I will then meet with my Orthodontist on Wednesday morning so that he can replace my top wire. Ah, the joys of jaw surgery.

The other lesson learned today from Dr. Egbert was that when he told me not to talk using my jaws, I should have probably clarified what he meant because apparently, once again, I have been talking waaaay too much! I thought with my bands on I was allowed to talk (I was) but what he meant was that I needed to keep my jaws absolutely still (i.e, sitting in the splint) and simply talk through my teeth. When I have been talking, I have been opening my jaws and stretching the bands and then talking. Apparently that was, and is, an absolute no-no.

Lesson learned #2: Where talking is concerned: Keep your jaws closed, teeth in your splint, and talk through your teeth.

I will be honest, it is considerably more difficult talking this way than my way. I guess that is why I am not the doctor though . . . The good news however is that my jaw joints are not hurting whatsoever this evening as they have done the previous few days! Funny that really, when I opened my mouth using my jaws, stretching the bands, it had a direct correlation with the pain experienced in my jaw joints.

Dr. Egbert therefore rectified, once again, my disregard to the rules regarding talking. I am now the proud owner of six, not four as was the case when I walked into his office, rubber bands that are wrapped around my teeth in a very tight configuration. My jaws are not moving these bands. My days of illegal talking are over, I am once again following the orders of Dr. Egbert :) Sorry for the scary photo on the right but I had to post at least one picture of rubber bands!

By following my surgeon's orders, there is no stretching of jaws, no stretching of bands, and consequently no pain. At least in my jaws. There is however a wee bit o' pain (more like constant throbbing and aching) in my teeth now that they are clamped shut, especially on my left side for some reason. Ah well, you trade one situation for another don't you!?

So, that is about it for today I think; it is late, my teeth hurt, I cannot talk easily, but at least my jaw joints don't hurt like they did! There is always something positive to consider!

Ah, I almost forgot, I had something different to eat today and it was totally delicious! We were lazy and bought some gourmet mashed potatoes from Costco and, when added with gravy, they were totally slurpilicious. We have never been so lazy as to buy mashed potatoes (who does?) but hey, you have to treat yourself every now and again don't you?! Doesn't say much however when you treat yourself to mashed potatoes . . .

As for what foods were eaten today:
  1. Mashed potatoes and gravy

  2. Banana cream pudding (made by a friend)

You can see additional photographs under the ‘Photo Journal’ section above

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5 Responses to “Day 18: Surgeon visit and how to talk properly . . .”

  1. John, I went back to the beginning and tried to find your before shots, especially your profile. I couldn't find any. Could you post before/after shots? What were your issues? e.g. Open bite? Overbite?

  2. Hi, Sorry about that - I thought I had uploaded pictures? Thanks for letting me know! :)

    I have uploaded a few before and after photographs within the 'Photo Journal' section above as well as providing more links to photographs.

    Numerous issues as can be seen from the photographs (hence the 18mm movement of the lower jaw and 12mm widening of the upper jaw!). The wonders of double jaw surgery!

    1. Thank you!
      That is quite a movement. Do you think it will remain stable? How is your lip and chin numbness? I heard it is more likely to remain permanently numb the older you have the surgery.

  3. It is definitely more than average, that is for sure :) The average movement is 5-7mm.

    As to whether the jaw will remain stable, my surgeon tells me that in 20+ years of performing these surgeries, he has had only two patients that have relapsed so I genuinely have zero concerns where that is concerned. My surgeon is super detailed in terms of both the surgery as well as the recovery and what needs to happen. As long as I do what he says, I will be fine :)

    My chin is completely numb as is my lower lip. I posted about it the other day (day 17) but from what I was told, given that I am feeling a lot of tingling, it is a great sign that my nerves are in a state of regeneration so hopefully all will be well!

    1. Awesome, good luck with your nerves, man. I hope they come back 100%.
      Did your doc say if older patients are more at risk for permanent numbness?