Day -5: Surgical Hooks

I thought I was used to wearing braces now that I have been wearing them for over a year but to say it is a different sensation wearing braces with 18 vertical hooks (see picture) would be an understatement. To think I was under the impression that the days of wearing wax were over . . .

It took about an hour to get the wires retrofitted with these hooks and now that I have enough wax in my mouth to make my own candles, they don't feel so bad apart from the fact that my mouth doesn't necessarily like having vertical wires between each tooth and also that food most definitely likes to wrap around them! Apart from that, I feel great! :)

As I left the Ortho, a lot of people wished me luck which was kinda nice. I am super impressed with my Orthodontist and his staff - they have been great throughout this entire process! It really is a journey for all involved to varying degrees.

I will next see him in approximately six + weeks after my surgery. He told me I would only have to wear my braces for about four to six months after that time and then they will be taken off! So hopefully I will be completely done by the end of 2012 - fantastic!!!

One more appointment to go - I have a pre-surgery physical exam and then that is that before surgery . . .

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