Day 15: Telephone Calls and Talking . . .

My bruising, especially around my neck, is pretty much gone and I have just some residual bruising around my chin that will hopefully disappear shortly. I woke up with my usual stiff jaws but after icing and heating they felt good to go! :) My freaky smile is becoming a tad more freaky don't you think . . .

I was forced to do a lot of talking today with my bands off as our dishwasher decided to flood the kitchen and subsequently, the basement. Not a happy day but it forced me to open my mouth and make a few calls to repair companies. I thought it really wouldn't be difficult as I obviously have talked around the house since my surgery. However, this is what I learned about double jaw surgery and trying to talk after just a few weeks

  • Talking to family members is most definitely not the same as talking to strangers on the telephone. Family members get used to your pattern of speech; mumbling, enunciation, and pronunciation. Strangers on the telephone think you have a medical issue. Period. I tried to tell people that I just had dental work performed but that simply seemed to further their belief that I had issues.

  • I cannot enunciate the letter S with any degree of clarity for the listener. I sound like I am heavily intoxicated when I say the letter S . . .

  • I cannot speak at a normal rate of speech. I speak slooooooly in an effort to make myself understood. This slowness clearly affected people's perception of me. Interesting.

  • My jaws, especially my right jaw, did not appreciate my attempt at trying to converse normally. I have grown used to, over the past fortnight, of speaking without opening my jaws as far as they would allow but because I was trying to be understood on the phone, I had to open my jaws a lot. Probably a good thing to be fair but now they ache. As soon as I was done talking, I put the bands straight back on :)

  • My splint is an impediment to taking. I obviously knew this (see yesterday's post) but wow, was it apparent on the telephone.
So quite an interesting day really; even though my mouth aches I am glad to have the experience of talking, or attempting to talk, normally. Good to know one's limitations so as to adapt and overcome them I guess!

Energy wise, I am back to normal; I am able to do everything that I want and I no longer feel tired. Quite amazing that my surgery was two weeks ago today and I look at how I feel today compared with a fortnight ago!

Finally receive the bill from the hospital today. Wow. Still waiting on the surgeon's bill. That should be double Wow. 

Finally, as for what foods were eaten today:
  1. Chicken noodle soup.

  2. Vanilla pudding - I am addicted

  3. Blackberry frozen yoghurt - I think I froze my jaws shut.

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3 Responses to “Day 15: Telephone Calls and Talking . . .”

  1. Hi John,
    I am in for orthognathic surgery TOMORROW (April 25) and came across this blog just now. I think we have similar procedures....I need a 3-piece Lefort (sounds like you had a 2-piece?) and BSSO. I'm a 30 yr old male and have been in braces for 2.5 years, which was only after having a SARPE three years ago (yes, the SARPE didn't provide enough expansion I guess!).

    I'm definitely frightened by what I'm about to put my body through, as well as the potential complications I'm exposing myself to, but I have a good feeling that your blog is going to play a big role in my recovery.

    I also keep a blog at, although not nearly to this degree of quality! Thanks for doing it!

    All the best,

  2. Paul, I realise it is a worrying time but your surgery will go great and before you know it a fortnight will have passed and you will wonder where the time went! Don't stress about the breathing too much either, it is amazing how the body copes, really. Like you I was REALLY worried about how I was going to breathe but just *try* to relax and you will get through it. I will keep checking your blog to see how things go. Hang on in there and think about how quickly time will fly :)