Day 64: Rules around eating without chewing . . .

Continuing on from my previous post, I wondered what it was going to be like to chew but not chew given that it is painful. mmmm. A dilemma indeed.

Given that I have not eaten proper, normal food, food some months now you would think it would be fantastic but you have to somewhat curtail your enthusiasm when you consider that although you eat normal foods, you cannot actually chew them . . .

That said, a new world has been opened up to me where I basically can eat anything as long as the following rules a applied:
  1. The food is cut up in to small, small pieces (so as not to choke)
  2. The food must have some degree of moisture or liquidity contained within it
  3. The food can must be able to be easily swallowed OR
  4. The food can be washed down easily if not easily swallowed

The reason it has to be cut up in to little pieces is that since it cannot be chewed, it will have to be swallowed. So if the food is too big, it gets caught in my throat. Trying to pretend you are not choking at the dinner table is an art form in of itself but not recommended.

The reason for the moisture is that the more liquid, the easier it is to slurp and swallow :) If the food is too dry, there is nothing to slurp and swallow. Plus you really don't get to enjoy the food when you realise you cannot swallow it due to a lack of liquid. Rather inconvenient actually. . .

If all else fails you simply put the food in your mouth, suck the flavor out of it and then wash it down with water. Primitive sounds I release but it works. :)

Following these rules has enabled me to once again join the ranks of moral eating people! I have eaten chicken (bit too dry), different kinds of meat, cereal, vegetables, etc., though rest assured I am still partial to good old' instant pudding. I think I will be addicted to that for the rest of my life.

On a side note, when I am having lunch, especially when in the company of colleagues or strangers, I find myself apologising; I am constantly, constantly, wiping my chin after I have taken a bite of some food or even drinking. The reason is that my nerves are playing games with me and every time I eat or drink, it completely feels like I am drooling down my chin. I never am, but the sensation is so real that I need to verify that I haven't done so as you know the moment you stop checking will be the moment you find yourself with banana instant pudding dripping down your chin!

A minor inconvenience and hopefully one that will go away once (when) I regain normal feeling in my lips and chin.

I imagine given that I am eating relatively normal again that i am going to start putting on weight once again. Ah well, I knew it was too good to last!

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2 Responses to “Day 64: Rules around eating without chewing . . .”

  1. Hi John I stopped by to check on you, glad you are moving foward in the right track!
    I am thinking my phone with front camera will be my best friend when I feel like I have something on my chin in that way I don't have to carry a mirrow with me.
    Quick question, how you do it at work to eat? do you take your blended food there? or you do just shakes and that stuff?

    Keep us posted!

  2. @samascl: Thanks for the post! Where work is concerned, I typically just eat frozen yoghurt if I am eating on my own but if I am eating with colleagues, then I buy something that I can 'slurp' such as soup. If I can cut the food up in to small pieces, that works also.