Day 143: GREAT News!

Has time really flown by that quickly!?

Great news today! Despite being told at the onset that I would, in all eventuality, have to wear braces for 12 or so months after my surgery (given the amount of movement that was required), I was told today that my braces will be coming off on September 26th!!!!!!

How fantastic is that! For many of you who have not had this surgery you might wonder what on earth I am so happy about but let me tell you that this whole adventure started with braces and now that I am having them removed it is means that the journey, adventure, call-it-what-you-will, is now drawing to a close.

No more rubbing gums, no more constantly checking my teeth after I have eaten, no more self conscious looking in the mirror to make sure my braces are clean, no more visible reminders of the last two years, no more, well, anything! Fantastic.

I really have made a point of following all of the instructions and directions that my Orthodontist has given me and I have been super anal about always bearing my bands. I guess the diligence paid off because my teeth have moved considerably quicker than originally anticipated to the point that my teeth are now aligned for the first time in almost 40 years, not to mention the fact that my jaws are now aligned and all the benefits that come along with that!

Today is a happy day let me tell you :)

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2 Responses to “Day 143: GREAT News!”

  1. The pictures of Day of surgery and day 52 seem to be flip flopped! Great documentation!

  2. Thanks Vivian, I appreciate your comments! I need to update the pictures as I am now at the 11 month post-surgery mark!