Day 340: A Happy Day!

Well, today was in fact a GREAT day with nothing but GOOD news concerning a few of the issues I have been discussing over the last fortnight.

I went to see my dentist today to find out about the tooth that is super sensitive and the good news is that he doesn't believe I need a root canal! Yay! He performed the various tests such as applying freezing cold material to the tooth and surrounding area, banging on the tooth (for want of a better expression), and X-Rays which were not conclusive as there were screws in the way :)

Although somewhat sensitive to the cold-test, it wasn't enough in his opinion to warrant a root canal. He applied some material, polished the teeth, and told me that unless it gets much worse he doesn't recommend a root canal. Fantastic.

But wait, that is not all! As he was wrapping up, I asked him his opinion on my non-functioning tooth is due to be extracted in a fortnight. He looked at it and told me that he though he could simply grind it down on the side that is biting my cheek and that way I would not have to have it extracted.

I really had nothing to lose so I am told him to go for it and he proceeded to grind away! I took him about 10 minutes but I now the proud owner of a very smooth tooth that is not biting my cheek anymore! How fantastic is that! He smoothed the side that is facing my inside cheek and it feels like I have a marble for a tooth now as it feels almost round if that makes sense?

So, at the end of the appointment, I learned that I DO NOT need a root canal NOR do I need my tooth extracted! Like I said, today was a good day!

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