Day 331: Seriously . . .

Every now and again I will be honest and say that all the lingering issues somewhat frustrate me and let me just say now that today was one of those days :)

I really have little to complain about in terms of the surgery unless you count the nerve damage, super sensitive tooth, jaw and headaches, and the fact that I chew the inside of my cheek incessantly! I am being a tad saracastic obviously as really, I just get on with life and non of the above issues really affect me negatively. Much to be said I think for a positive outlook in life.

However, today I went to see my Oral Surgeon as I had a few questions, specifically:

  • Will I ever regain feeling in my lower lip, chin, and right cheek.
  • Why is my jaw popping out, or so it feels, when I yawn (see previous post)
  • What are we going to do about my cottage-cheese inside-of-my-mouth
  • Why is my front tooth so super-sensitive ever since my braces were removed
The answers were straightforward enough though certainly not what I wanted to hear!

Nerve Damage:
Given the fact that I feel a slight sensation when I very lightly brush my finger across my lips, chin, and cheek, he is very confident that I will regain feeling. One day. "Give it another year". Argh. 

Jaw Popping Out:
Apparently, my jaw joints are not strong enough anymore given their new position. Although obviously no work was done on the jaw joints themselves, what with the fact that I now have a new jawline position, the muscles, ligaments, whatever, are now used to how my jaw now operates and consequently they need to be strengthened. 

I didn't even know that you could strengthen your jaw muscles?! So, I need to go to physical therapy to learn some exercises and such in order to build up strength so that when I yawn, my jaw joints no longer pop out of position. Again, let me just say argh!

Cottage Cheese:
Simply answer to this issue is that he wants to extract the non-functioning tooth. It really serves no purpose anymore and all it is doing is chewing the inside cheek. So, I have to schedule another appointment to ave him remove the tooth. I apologise for being repetitious but argh!

Sensitive Tooth
See my Orthodontist :) I actually have an appointment with him scheduled for Thursday of this week so we will see what he has to say. Better be good news!

Even though I knew most of the answers and what he would say, it was kinda' depressing to be honest. It has been almost a year since my surgery and I am still looking at physio, a tooth extraction, and hopefully one day feeling will return in my lips and chin. Ah well, such is life eh!?!

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