Day 333: Seriously, Part II

To be honest, you just have to kind of laugh, especially after what I had written a few days ago!

I visited my Orthodontist today because I have been experiencing a super sensitive tooth (top, front middle) and whenever I have anything cold to eat or drink not only does it hurt but throbs for a long time afterwards.

This is particularly disturbing as my favorite food group would be iced-drinks and ice-cream. Major inconvenience. I started using Sensodyne toothpaste a month or so ago and it has helped but not to the point where it is not irksome!

In my head, I had associated this discomfort with the fact that I only started to feel this pain after my braces were removed and the permanent retainers were bonded to my teeth. Guess what, I was wrong apparently in this belief.

The good news? There isn't any.

The bad news? My Orthofdontist thinks that my tooth is dying and that I need a root canal performed on that tooth!!! ARGH! Seriously, are you kidding me, a root canal!?

I left his office not an overly happy chap let me tell you as now I am looking at a root canal on top of all the other issues I discussed just two days ago.

I called my dentist (I realise that I have waaay too many dental professionals in my life what with my Oral Surgeon, my Orthodontist, and my Dentist) to make an appointment and they asked me a series of questions to see if I needed to be seen that very day as apparently you do not want to let potentially dead teeth go untreated for any length of time.

I answered the questions and apparently I am ok to wait a few days as I have no swelling, infection, acute pain, etc.,etc. I wanted to tell her, the way things are going, just wait, I am sure I will in a day or two but I refrained! :) The reality is although the tooth is rather sensitive it has been so for many a month and as long as I do not eat or drink anything super cold I really am fine.

I most definitely do not want a root canal, not least because I am tired of paying copay's in my life! The last year has proven to be rather expensive where all of this is concerned and if I can avoid any more expenses, I would be most grateful!

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