Day 25: Stop Talking!

I have to laugh at myself really. If you have been following the blog you would know that I have an issue talking and more specifically how I like to talk using my jaws rather than simply talking through my teeth! A few occasions, my oral surgeon has expressed his displeasure (using humor please note) that I keep talking the wrong way and that I really need to stop using my jaws! To rectify my obstinacy he has banded me tight quite a few times so I had no option but to talk the way he would like me to!

Well, today was one of those days again! I laugh because you really think I would learn but think about it for a moment if you would: you talk by moving your jaws, you have done so your entire life and now suddenly you are told not to talk that way but rather talk by clenching your teeth together (closed) and talk through your teeth. Sounds easy to do for one minute, maybe five or ten minutes but try the entire day. Not that easy is it?!

I basically just fall into the habit of using my jaws and that is something you cannot do after this kind of surgery. Today, I had another appointment with Dr. Egbert and in the waiting area there was a work colleague who had lower jaw surgery a fortnight ago. We started talking and he gets called back for his appointment. When it is my time, I see him and Dr. Egbert talking and so we talk for a few minutes . . .

Of course, Dr. Egbert didn't miss a beat and so when he came into see me he asked how my talking is coming along (ie, talking through my teeth) and I tell him that that it is going well (it is, just in a different way than perhaps he would like!) but then he tells me that he noticed that when I was talking to him and my work colleague that all I did was talk using my jaws and not once did I talk through my teeth. Ahhh, BUSTED!! I am his problem patient where talking is concerned . . .

So, once again, I am banded shut and he did himself proud this time; I genuinely cannot move my jaws whatsoever! :) The good news though is that I no longer have my splint and so I can talk relatively normally and most importantly, people actually understand me! I have attached another freaky picture of the bands above:)

Life really has returned to normal in terms of everyday activities, energy levels, and doing everything that I used to do prior to surgery with perhaps the exception of eating so much! The bruising is totally gone and the swelling is what it is and will be that way for quite some time due to the healing nature of broken bones, fused bones, etc. I look like a chipmunk but there are far worse things in life!

The nerves are still bugging me a lot, especially in my lower lip. It is always tingling and it feels huge even though it is not - it is just the nerves doing their thing. I wish they would do their thing in a different way but there is not too much to do about I am afraid.

The other good news today is that I branched out and had something new for dinner! Yup, I know you were expecting me to say mashed potatoes and instant pudding but you would be wrong! I had refried beans mixed with liquid salsa! Super tasty! Ok, ok, I also had instant banana pudding but at least I changed my entree! :)

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