Day 34: Restaurant Food and Being Self-Conscious

For the first time in over a month we went out for dinner this evening at a restaurant! How cool is that, eating at a restaurant after only one month post-surgery!

My in-laws joined us for dinner and after we had ordered everything there, sat on the table (see picture on left), was a plethora of food; steak, salmon, ribs, country-fried steak, fries, and bread rolls. Talk about scrumptious looking.

Now of course there was, and is, a wrinkle in this equation. Firstly, I am only four weeks post op and absolutely forbidden to chew anything and secondly, why would I do this to myself! :) So, as everybody enjoyed the food mentioned above, guess what I ate? Yes, you guess it, mashed potatoes (picture on right) . . .

That said, I did also have some chilli that was very slurpilicious. I ordered 'sides' from the menu and I have to say they were super tasty and I was full after eating everything.

You might think I was a gluten (no pun intended) for punishment by watching everyone eat all of that delicious food but really, it did not bother me at all as my food was great and why should anyone else not be allowed to eat around me!?

Also, I truthfully have not really craved food whatsoever and it doesn't phase me at all having people eat foods that I used to enjoy prior to surgery! We all had a great time together and it was a lot of fun being together as a family! Hopefully in 'x' months I will be able to eat these kind of foods again . . .

One final thought where the restaurant was concerned - I felt myself being rather self-conscious in talking to the waiter. I have not been that way at work with people but obviously most of them knew I was undergoing surgery and understood why am I talking the way I am presently.

For some reason however this evening, I was quite aware of how I talk and that people have difficulty in understanding me. It also happened later at a store we visited. In social settings, apart from when I am at work, or going to the multiple doctor visits, and other settings where people typically know me, I find myself deferring to my wife where talking is concerned. I am not sure I have made that observation about myself until this evening. Interesting.

My jaws continue to ache constantly when the bands are off and I would be a liar if I didn't say I now like being banded shut! I am still performing the jaw exercises and my mouth is opening ok but my jaws ache even when I am not talking or exercising them.So, I have been good at banding myself shut every two hours :)

My teeth are less sensitive than they were earlier in the week which is fantastic! The feeling just comes and goes as to whether they are sensitive but at least it is not all of the time! 

That is about it for today to be honest - it is the weekend and I seem to have less time to write then during the week which seems rather backwards but it is the truth!

One final item - I have updated the FAQ with more questions. Let me know if you want to know anything else!

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2 Responses to “Day 34: Restaurant Food and Being Self-Conscious”

  1. I decided to check on your progress. You make me laugh and look at this procedure in a real positive way even though I read today that one of the kid from the forums died a year ago in the surgery, so sad!

    Thank you for sharing and you are looking better and better!

  2. Thanks, much appreciated! What else can you do but to smile and laugh! :)