Day 47: Skinnylicious and Weight Loss . . .

I kinda' liked the word Skinnylicious so I titled my blog post after the word :) I would like to say that as a result of the surgery I am once again skinny but the reality is that I have not been skinny for a very long time so setting a goal to be skinny is not realistic! :)

The wonderful thing about being tall (there are not that many reasons why being tall is a good thing) is that even when you are carrying some weight, it is kinda' hidden by being tall! Many people have told me that I have no weight to lose when I tell them I have lost weight and I just laugh - little do they know!

You would think being addicted to unhealthy foods, as I am since my surgery (instant pudding, starchy mashed potatoes, ice-cream, smoothies, etc), that I would be putting weight on but I am not. So far, I am down about 26/27 lbs (1st, 13lbs for my British friends) and I don't seem to be able to put it back on. Not that I am necessarily trying to put it back on please note but I did think my unhealthy diet would at least keep me from losing weight!

That said, I had salmon tonight (fish is very easy to break in to small pieces and slurp down my throat) so that has to count towards something doesn't it! I am sure once all the bands are off and more importantly. that I am able to chew once again, that I will put the weight back on but for now I am somewhat enjoying this temporary weight loss. The surgery has, however, taught me that I need to modify my diet and eating habits once I return to pre-surgery eating functionality! I ate too much, it is that simple!

The funny thing about this surgery is that given you're banded shut for many months and the process involved in actually eating, you learn to appreciate that you really do not need to eat as much as you do. At least I do not need to eat as much as I did! :) Too many snacks, too many sodas. I tell people all the time that I really have little desire to eat snacks anymore given the hassle to take my bands off, clean my teeth, ensure that I do not chew, hope I do not bite my scar tissue, etc. Way too much hassle just to eat a snack!

Another random post in what seems to be an ever increasing number of random posts! To wrap it up, I would say that if you are going through this surgery and you are concerned about your weight, bear the following in mind (recognising that I am being a hypocrite in writing these tips of course :)

1. Eat healthy, nutritious food!

2. Count your calories; the type of food that you will be eating will be significantly different than your pre-surgery diet and you need to be counting your calories to make sure you have enough to sustain your weight.

3. Recognise that in the immediate period following surgery, eating is not a fun process and so choose your foods carefully. Make all of the effort that goes in to making the meals count :)

4. Blended food tastes just as good as the pre-blended variety! Psychologically, it may seem difficult to eat foods that perhaps pre-surgey you considered should never be blended or put in a liquid form but trust me, there is only so much Carnation or Ensure you can drink in life! The same however is not true where instant pudding is concerned! :)

5. Experiment with food groups and food types (I know, I know, I am being a hypocrite!) and see what you think. There are lots of books and websites that contain many soft foods menu items as well as foods that you can drink. 

As for my diet today, I ate (sucked, slurped, and swallowed) some gourmet sausages in hot dog buns with delicious sides. Obviously I could not bite in to the hot dog but I put it all together and then picked up my knife and fork and cut everything in to tiny,tiny pieces and then ate everything! Rather delicious actually.

For someone who doesn't eat much, I sure do talk about it a lot in this blog!

My jaws  and jaw joint continue to ache continually and the scar tissue is just plain getting on my nerves! You would think they could just cut out the scar tissue or something so it would not bother me anymore. I asked about this but apparently cutting out scar tissue achieves little apart from creating more scar tissue. Makes sense really. I have tried to photograph it but the photographs do not come out very well. You will just have to take my word for it . . .

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5 Responses to “Day 47: Skinnylicious and Weight Loss . . .”

  1. Hi! I am so glad you are doing better! I am still waiting for my insurance to get back. I have a weird question, did you go trough this process knowing what it was but you have minutes that you ask yourself, what am I doing?
    Thank you for keep updating your blog it helps me believe there is hope to get better!

  2. @Samascl - I hope your insurance replies soon with the response that you are looking for!

    The question, "Was it worth it" is one I blogged about on Day 45 and I have to say that it was definitely worth it! The recovery period isn't always easy but the reality for me is that I have to focus and concentrate on the 'end product' as it were; how will I look in 6, 9, 12 months time and will the medical issues be resolved...

    I know that in 12 months time I will look much better (no swelling hopefully!) and all will be well medically! If you choose to focus on the 'issues' of recovery (swelling, talking, splint, eating, etc) then I am sure it becomes a daunting prospect but like I said, I focus on the 12 month timeframe. . .

    My Orthodontist summed it up best when he said,

    "If you were to ask people who had double-jaw surgery at the end of the first week was it worth it, 99% of them would tell you absolutely not.

    If you were to ask those people after a year was it worth it, 99% of them would tell you that it was absolutely worth it!"

    Hopefully this helps!

  3. I know it will be all worth it :) you are looking awesome already, I bet every month will get better and better. I am just acting and I am doing this because my teeth my head are suffering and I am afraid it will get worse and I don't want to be 50 or 60 and be like other people who can't eat.

    One more time many thanks for all your story it encourages me to move forward.

  4. Hi I’m on day 6 after double jaw and wisdom teeth removal and I have lost 5lb already. Which is worrying me as I’m feeling very weak and tired all the time. My face is still very swollen, bruised and I still can’t speak let alone swallow much.. when is this going to end I feel so low!

  5. I had double-jaw surgery (+ wisdom teeth removal) in August 2019. It has been 7 weeks since my surgery and I already feel much better - not 100% just yet, but I'm getting there. I have already lost +20lbs, which is somewhat discouraging. I was obviously expecting to lose a substantial amount of weight post-surgery - I just find it mentally challenging to force feed myself with my lagging appetite. I find inspiration for my recovery by reading forums like this. Hearing about other people's experiences with double-jaw surgery is very comforting to me because most of my close friends can't relate (or simply don't understand) with the early struggles of post-op. Thanks for sharing, John!