Day 35: Support Network and Word Association

Given that today is Mother's Day here in the U.S. I thought it would be rather appropriate to to talk about how vital and important my support network has been for me in terms of my recovery since my surgery 35 days ago.

I have mentioned this before but although you prepare for this surgery and you read about everything that happens and all the aspects of recovery, you recognise that it really is major facial surgery . . .

When I think about the surgery, these are some of the words that I think about: swelling, bruising, pain, aches, eating, drinking, medicine, wires, scratches, braces, blending, syringing, rubber bands, jaw exercises, yawning, sneezing, sleep apnea, snoring, Doctor visits, food shopping, weight loss, work, and so many more word associations.

Now when you consider all of the above, it comes as no surprise, that to go through all of this is just not possible without a great support network. Now this phrase is probably very American but essentially what I am talking about is a group of people (family, friends, neighbours, co-workers, etc.) who have help me where my recovery is concerned. I have read a lot of blogs and forums where people return from surgery on their own and take care of themselves. Let me just tell you know, I have no idea how they managed on their own. There is simply no way to do it!

My wife has, by a large margin, been my biggest support during the last month; starting from the time I was in hospital when the nurse asked her to suction my mouth (gross) of blood and everything, to running to stores to get the various medicines, foods, drinks, Jamba Juice and other items. As well as driving everywhere, she was constantly helping me prepare the food, medicines, making sure I was taking naps and basically completely taking care of me! When you consider that not only did she take care of me and everything that entails but also running the kids to school, their numerous extra-curricular activities, volunteering at school, etc., it has been the craziest month of her life I am sure!
She must love me for everything that she has done for me :) I most definitely am in awe of everything that she has done for me and I love her so much! :)

It has been really quite amazing to see how many other people have helped, whether it be my in-laws helping to take me to Doc visits or taking the kids to school early in the morning, to friends and neighbours spontaneously bringing around dinners for the family and milkshakes for me! Lots of friends and neighbours brought around DVDs for me to watch or else they just asked how I was doing and whether they could help in any way. It has been really amazing to be honest and I am incredibly grateful to everyone!

Getting back to my original thought - I recognise that everything is possible and you can no doubt have this surgery without a lot of support from family or friends but being at the receiving end of so much support, it has definitely made the recovery so much more manageable and easier.

So there you have it, I recognise that is not my usual post in terms of updates where my recovery is concerned but really, having a great support network is part of the recovery process! So thanks to everyone, and especially my wife, for doing so much for me in the last month, I truly, truly, am appreciative and grateful!

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