Day 45: Was it worth it . . .

A lot of people ask me whether the surgery was worth it and whether I would choose to undertake such surgery again knowing what I know now. Funnily enough, although a great question, it is genuinely not something I really think about very often.

The primary reason I had this surgery was due to medical necessity rather than any other reason such as confidence, self-esteem, cosmetics, etc. I articulated some of my reasons in the Why section of my blog above and so really, it is not like I had a choice in the matter. That said, apart from the medical rationale, has the surgery affected my self-confidence in that I am not self-conscious about the way I look, absolutely (even with my pudding face!).

Also, I am only six weeks post-op and that means I still experience issues such as facial swelling and communication challenges (talking). Facial swelling affects the way you look and not just in terms of your cheeks but it also affects your nose, your lips, and pretty much everything about your face. The talking issues have been well documented in previous posts but sufficed to say I am not presently talking the same as I did before my surgery!

So even with the continual challenges (which really, are hardly serious), I can definitely say am I very happy that I had the surgery performed; I already see the improvements inside my mouth, my new jaw profile will be great (once it is visible!) and the sleep apnea symptoms I exhibited are non-existent (I have not snored once since the surgery) and I will not suffer any further issues in years to come where my jaws are concerned. So am I pleased and excited, very much so!

Is it an easy surgery to undertake? Absolutely not. Is it difficult? Absolutely in so many ways. Would I do it again... Absolutely. Quite honestly, I should have had it done a decade ago but what can it tell you, the foolishness of youth!

It is actually somewhat amusing because I remember the first consultation I had with my Orthodontist, Dr. Jamey Watson, which took place about 18 months ago. I primarily was visiting with him to see what treatment options were available to at least straighten my teeth.

Prior to speaking with him, I spoke with his assistant and in no uncertain terms I told her that I was not interested whatsoever in surgery as the reality was that I had lived with my jaws, face, and all the respective issues for almost 38 years so what would be the point in having surgery! I considered it to be obviously invasive, expensive, a major inconvenience where work was concerned, as well as a whole myriad of other concerns and issues that I had.

So given my stance on the matter, I talked with Dr. Watson who presented the various options and ultimately, although orthodontia could help in some areas, there was really only one option in his mind to consider and that was a combination of orthodontics and Jaw Surgery.

I obviously knew this but I think really the tipping point for me was that Dr. Watson was excited in how he described the outcome! Seems a strange thing to say but listening to him talk convinced me to at least setup an appointment with an Oral Surgeon. The rest, as they say, is history! :)

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