Day 40: Slurpilicious Ratings . . .

I like the word slurpilicious, it very much defines whether a particular food can be eaten in my present condition. Given that I am not allowed to chew, food is essentially eaten by putting it in my mouth and slurping the food to the back of my mouth to be swallowed. The easier is it to slurp, the greater the slurpilicious rating a food is given :)

For example, Mac and Cheese is slurpilicious, scrambled eggs are slurpilicious, and ice-cream is definitely slurpilicious. I have a whole list of foods that I consider high on the slurpilicious meter but after dinner this evening I am going to have to classify ham as most definitely, not slurpilicious!

We had dinner with friends this evening and there was a lot of delicious food it is fair to say but obviously there is an issue in that I am not allowed to chew. So, I experiment; I cut up the food in to very small pieces and try and eat it. Remember, by eating, I mean slurping. Maybe sucking  is more accurate but whatever it is, it definitely is not chewing.

I made the mistake (completely not my fault please note) last week of putting some food in my mouth that found its way between my teeth. I didn't know this and closed my mouth. Ouch. I am guessing this is why they do not want me to chew as genuinely my teeth hurt for days afterwards and it was only a little piece of food . . .

So last night I was careful to only eat soft foods but the ham was calling my name. After all, there is only so much instant pudding a person can consume in their life and I have eaten enough over the last month for three or four people! So I cut it up into very small pieces and put it in my mouth. I then tried slurping but nothing happened. It was stuck there and had to be fished out with my fingers. So there you have it, ham will not be making it on to my slurpilicious list anytime soon :)

On to more normal subjects; my jaws hurt a lot this today! I had a long day where I was speaking a lot, and combine that with our dinner this evening, my jaws are feeling it presently. Probably doesn't help that for most of the day that my bands were off also (oops).

My swelling feels like it has increased but as I mentioned the other day, only on the right side of my face. I much prefer having my bands on as it genuinely does not hurt as much, even given the inconvenience where talking is concerned . . .

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