Day 31: FAQs and Weetabix . . .

I receive a lot of questions relating to this surgery and the various phases (pre-surgery, recovery time frame,etc) that I thought it would be beneficial to include these questions in the FAQ section of this blog. Take a look and let me know what you think or whether you have any additional questions!

Another good day; I have been using the gauze pads to push the scar tissue in my mouth so that I am not constantly biting it and although a tad painful to push against the tissue, I can already feel that it is not protruding as much as it was yesterday. It is easy for me to measure as when my bands are taken off I am no longer biting my cheeks every time I open my mouth! Only every other time :) hopefully within a week the tissue will be hardened and no longer the issue that it is now.

My tingling continues to increase, especially my lips and immediately around my mouth and it is quite an interesting sensation. By interesting I mean really frustrating and irritating! :) The feeling is similar to when you have a tooth extraction and they numb your face and then afterwards your whole face feels rubbery until you touch it and then it feels like all of the nerves are on fire. That is how my lips feel, it is almost as if they feel they are huge and swollen. Happy times . . .

Nothing new where the swelling is concerned, I still look like a chipmunk, all the worse since my new haircut! Note to self: get a haircut immediately before surgery or else make sure you do not cut too much hair off as it accentuates your swollen face!

It has been great taking my bands off for two hours a time (four times a day) today, so much freedom! I continue to exercise my jaws, using the exercises my surgeon told me yesterday. I am really impressed how much my jaw can open already; I can fit a dessert spoon in my mouth with no problem and I can almost fit a tablespoon in there but just not quite there, probably within a day or two.

What does this mean however? I cannot chew any food and I am still only allowed to eat soft foods so it just means I can fit more instant pudding or Weetabix in my mouth than I could last week :)

The surgeon told me yesterday that I have to wait until week six before resuming exercising which, given that I did not ask the question, he must have erroneously thought that I was desperate to exercise. It made me laugh as that's the last thing that I want to do - run, jog, exercise with a jaw being held on by rubber bands and jaw muscles with questionable strength! That is my excuse for not exercising at any rate - I am going to have to think of another excuse in a fortnight when he gives the all clear to exercise!

I apologise for this short blog entry but it took me some time to get the FAQ page working (jumping within section, jumping back to the top, etc) and it is now late so all the other information that I was going to write will have to wait until tomorrow! :)

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