Day 39: Brace Face . . .

You would think after 39 days that I would be quite comfortable with my braces, surgical hooks, top arch wire, and not to mention rather a lot of rubber bands in my mouth. I mean, I was comfortable. Very much so in fact. But not today for some reason.

I think it was probably due to the fact that I was quite excited earlier in the week, knowing that I would not have to wear my bands much during the day and only have to wear them in the evening.

However, given that I now I have to wear them again for 16+ hours a day and the fact that they are rather tight to say the least, especially around my back teeth, it feels like I have just had braces put on my teeth once again! Even after just two days, my talking seems to be affected - talking today felt like week 2 post-surgery in terms of talking ability! :)

The positive side of this however is that my lower jaw is not moving and it seems to be in the correct place; my surgeon showed me where my teeth are supposed to be aligned so as to make sure they are not drifting and I found myself checking a lot today in the mirror. I also seem to check the inside of  mouth and the scar tissue. I know, I know, I am a sad individual!

If only I could take a picture of myself with one hand moving my mouth and the other hand holding a super bright flashlight, shining it my mouth to see what is going on!

Do you ever find yourself writing something about your day and in particular something that you did during the day and wonder to yourself, why did you do that? Well, I just had that thought . . .

My swelling seems, strangely enough, to have increased in just the last few days. Only on my right side of my face however. I thought it was just the angle I was looking at but then I spent time looking and asking a few people and sure enough, I am now the owner of a lopsided face. It really is good that things like this happen otherwise what else would I write about!?

Given that I think this qualifies as the most bizarre and random blog post I have posted to date, I will end with another random post; I asked my surgeon about this but somehow we changed subjects so I have no answer just in case you are wondering. Basically whenever my bands are taken off, my lips become super tingly and it feels like I have an intense tingling sensation around my lips. It feels like I have just had my dentist inject me with a numbing medicine. When the bands are put back on, my lips return to being numb and experience little tingling. Why would this happen?

Finally, I attempted to make another frittata this evening and I like to think I am a pretty good cook but let's just say that my attempt was not as aesthetically pleasing as the one that my wife made; definitely looked a tad more brown than the one I ate earlier this week and it was not quite as put together but still, it tasted great and it felt like real food. For dessert, I had instant pudding of course! :)

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